Judging Criteria

Areas of competition:
Swimsuit/Active Wear 
33.3%Evening Gown–33.3%
TOP 5 On Stage Question -

This is a chance for the judges to get to know you. Each contestant will be interviewed privately with a panel of judges for 4 minutes and will be asked questions. It is a time for judges to find out more about the person you are and the things you enjoy. Interview questions will come from the fact sheet/bio provided with official contestant materials. Judges will be instructed that contestants have been encouraged to show their sense of style in this area of competition. Be yourself! Contestants should dress professional as if interviewing for a job. 
The swimsuits will be provided for the contestants. The contestants should be judged on their physical appearance, not the swimsuit they choose to wear. At the State/National competition all of the contestants will be uniform with their sponsored swimsuits. 
Active wear will be provided for the contestants. The contestants will be judged on healthy fitness, lifestyle, confidence and presentation on stage. This category is about the girl, not their attire and the focus is on healthy & fit! 
This is your moment! Select a gown that shows off your sense of style and personality. Judges will be scoring you on poise, confidence, grace, and elegance. You do not need to spend a fortune on this dress. Gowns should fit well and flow as you walk. Wear what makes you feel confident and like a winner!
This portion will be judged on the girl’s overall presentation and impression. The judges will judge this portion after they have seen the girls compete in all phases of competition. The girls will be judged on their presentation of their answer as well as over all impression during the competition in all phases.
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